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Farah Khan will enter Bigg Boss 16 in the family week for her brother Sajid Khan

For her brother Sajid Khan, Farah Khan will compete in Bigg Boss 16 during the family week. She received abuse for claiming that their mother was pleased with the Housefull director. The Bigg Boss 16 house experienced emotional moments after numerous confrontations when participants’ families briefly appeared on the TV. In order to see her brother Sajid Khan, who has been imprisoned inside the home since the 16th season began, filmmaker Farah Khan also went inside.

Farah is seen tightly hugging Sajid in a video posted by ColorsTV on Sunday night.

She cried even when she first saw him. She wished Sajid well and told him, “Mummy is really proud of you.” We can also see Farah conversing with her fellow housemates in the video. When she first saw Shiv Thakare, she gave him a hug and said, “Bhai hai tu mera (you are my brother).”

Farah gave Abdu Rozik a hug and a kiss as well.

She said, “Sajid you are really lucky, you got this gang,” adding, “Tere ko yeh mandali mili hai.” Reacting to the video, one internet user said, Haq se mandali. Mandali nahi family, read the second one. Yes mandli nice km se km false to nhi h dosti ki he to nibhate h, the third one responded. I don’t like Sajid but why am I crying?! said the fourth individual. This Is What I Like About Mandali love caring When They All Together Having Fun Always Love To Watch……… Mandali Kaho Ya Family Hai To Best “Nimrit, Shiv, Stan, Abdu, Sumbul,” the fifth individual remarked.

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Farah Khan is trolled

Farah Khan will join the house during the next family week on Bigg Boss 16 to stand with her brother Sajid Khan. A recently published promo shows Farah giving Sajid a bear embrace, at which point both of them start crying. Farah later reveals to Sajid that their mother is pleased with him. This didn’t sit well with online users, who teased the director. Netizens attacked her in the comments area, saying she had nothing to be proud of.



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