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Elon Musk requested twitter algorithm change to boost his tweets

According to a source, Elon Musk ordered Twitter developers to alter the algorithm so that his tweets would be prioritised. Elon Musk’s tweets were prominently shown in many users’ feeds on Monday after the algorithm tweak was implemented on Sunday, according to a Platformer report.

The billionaire demanded a modification because he was dissatisfied with how many people had seen his Super Bowl tweet.

Twitter removed Elon Musk’s tweets from filters employed by the social media network to enhance the quality of users’ timelines at his request.

Users on Twitter complained about seeing too many of Elon Musk’s tweets the day after the Super Bowl. Platformer stated that as a result, his tweets were artificially increased by a factor of 1,000.

In contrast, US President Joe Biden’s tweet supporting the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday had substantially more response. Elon Musk has allegedly been concentrating on his personal engagement numbers. Which have been declining over the past few weeks, according to the article. Nearly 129 million people follow Elon Musk.

Elon Musk had stated his intention to level the playing field on the social media network. And do rid of bias before the $44 billion acquisition of Twitter in October.

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Although Elon Musk has not yet replied to the story. He has tweeted about Twitter’s features ever since it was first published. Elon Musk had earlier tweeted a meme implying that his tweets would be forced-fed to Twitter users and that the social media site was changing its algorithm.

On Sunday, Musk sent a tweet supporting the Philadelphia Eagles. But it received a lot less attention than the same message from US President Joe Biden. The report stated that the company’s CEO has grown increasingly concerned with—and angered by—his personal engagement scores, which have been declining in recent weeks. Biden’s account only has 37 million followers, compared to Musk’s close to 129 million.


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