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Elon Musk Calls Meta ‘Copy Cat’ For Planning To Launch Twitter-Rival

Elon Musk, the CEO of Twitter, dubbed Meta a “copy cat” on Sunday for intending to release a specialised social media application that is similar to Twitter. It began when the website Daily Loud for music news published the statement: “Mark Zuckerberg’s Meta researching plans to build a rival to Twitter.” On that, a user enquired: “But why? I’ll come up with a substitute because everyone loves me and Facebook so much. Much like when people are furious at Elon Musk.”

Musk commented on this exchange by saying, “Copy cat.”

On Musk’s post, a number of users commented. A user nonetheless stated: People will undoubtedly be clamouring to join yet another Meta platform where “independent fact checkers” stifle debate and content moderators remove memes. Having fun!” Another person said, “Because Facebook is so ‘excellent’ at what they do. They should start creating rockets and electric automobiles as well.”

Recently, it was revealed that Meta is creating a specific social media programme allowing users to make text-based updates that resembles Twitter. Although the product is still in its early phases and there is no specific release date. Legal and regulatory teams have already started to look into any potential privacy issues the app may cause in order to address them before launch. After Musk assumed control of the microblogging network. A number of competing systems have started or gained popularity, including Mastodon, Post. news, and T2.

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Jack Dorsey, the co-founder and former CEO of Twitter. Returned to the social media scene earlier this month with the debut of his Bluesky alternative to Twitter.

Meta’s plans to launch Twitter-rival

Meta is concentrating on a new standalone app for sharing text-based material as part of its aspirations to develop a Twitter competitor. The programme, which will be based on ActivityPub, a decentralised social networking protocol. It will also be utilised by federated apps like Mastodon, according to the article. The app reportedly goes by the codename P92. Also, because the app will bear the Instagram logo. Users will be able to access it using their Instagram usernames and passwords.


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