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Dwayne Johnson’s Film Black Adam got attention but negatively

The hierarchy of power followed in the ‘DC Universe’ is about to change with “Black Adam,” as the new film is landing low on the critical reputation for Warner Bros. The reviews hitting for the Dwayne Johnson vehicle for “Black Adam” states a 32% approval rating from top critics on the the review. Also, it is at 54% among the website’s broader group of approved critics.
In the top critics number , it marks the lowest for a DC film since 2017’s “Justice League,” which netted a 23% approval rating from top critics. It was so criticized by people that a reworked version was eventually ordered by Warner Bros., in the form of “Zack Snyder’s Justice League” in 2021.In a favorable review , chief film critic Peter Debruge stated that “the film’s whole purpose was to give Black Adam a suitably grand introduction on the assumption that he’ll be pitted against a more deserving adversary soon”.

Others have been less receptive to the origin story. Although many have highlighted Johnson’s performance as a key strength. “Black Adam” gave us the star’s first time anchoring a superhero film — a work that justify an actor’s chiseled physique and commercial dominance was just inevitable.With a positive review, the Guardian’s Peter Bradshaw stated that Johnson’s “massive bulk, planet-sized head and sly gift for deadpan humour all of it made him a superhero.”

Also, John Defore discussed the star’s long attachment to “Black Adam, presenting that “his passion project serves the character very well, setting him up for adventures. One hopes will be less predictable than this one.”In an IGN review, Joshua Yehl gave “top marks” to Johnson for “making his Black Adam just as steely and imposing as in the comics.” But he also questioned the film for being “packed with undeveloped characters and for excessive repetitive action scenes, to the point where its half-baked debate on what it means to be a hero is lost in all the noise.”

David Fear, rolling Stone’s senior editor and film critic wrote that “not even the pleasure of watching Johnson enter into a blockbuster template he seemed destined to dominate can make up for how generic, flavorless and incoherent it is.Videos of the film’s end credits scene were also leaked which also stirred up online chatter, providing a hint of who Black Adam could showdown with in the future.

Johnson’s starring role though, has stated that he envisions himself as a potential “advisor” for DC Films under the leadership of CEO David Zaslav under Warner Bros. The upcoming slate of DC films, Discovery has become a matter of careful strategy. Zaslav stated that the company is seeking out a leader akin to Marvel Studios’ head Kevin Feige to shepherd the next decade of the studio’s comic book content.


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