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Drew Timme college career ends in Gonzaga loss to UConn.

In the West Region final versus UConn on Saturday night, Gonzaga was behind by ten points early in the second half. Nevertheless, Julian Strawther had just collected a defensive rebound, and perhaps the Bulldogs still had a comeback in them.

A whistle, however, followed. Drew Timme, a forward for the Zags, has committed his fourth foul. Soon later, it was evident that Gonzaga’s NCAA Tournament journey would come to an end.

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Timme’s collegiate career came to an end as the third-seeded Bulldogs couldn’t compete against the No. 4 seed UConn. Who pulled away to win 82-54.

Timme had possibly the best collegiate career in recent memory because to his world-class moustache and brilliant inside skills. With his deft low-post game and lavish spending, he was a throwback.

Timme said, “I’m just so grateful that the programme and the place accepted me for who I was. “They didn’t ask me to be anything other than who I am. Because of the love I have for everyone who helped me and made this journey so memorable and enjoyable, I will always be grateful to Gonzaga. I simply don’t believe I could ever pay that back.

“For Gonzaga, I would do anything. I will always. This is a “see you later” rather than a “bye”

Timme’s red face, which he repeatedly wiped with a towel, showed his emotions clearly. As the post-game news conference was about to start, he sneezed.

Timme said , “The bottom line is they were the better team tonight. They scored more goals. The 50/50 balls were obtained. No matter how much we want to speculate, the referees had no control over that contest.

Timme, who had 12 points and 10 rebounds against the Huskies, leaves Gonzaga knowing that he made a difference in college basketball as well as at Gonzaga.

With 2,307 points, he holds the Gonzaga record. He also guided the Zags to the national championship game in 2021 and the Sweet 16 in each of the previous three seasons.

Coach Mark Few declared, “I think he’s one of the greatest college players in this modern era.” “He has achieved the greatest success. We exerted the most pressure we’ve ever exerted on him.

But that’s only a portion of it. He is a larger-than-life figure. I had a great time mentoring him.

Timme took a break for about three minutes while UConn sprinted to a 58-37 lead, giving the Bulldogs a preview of what it will be like when Gonzaga has a new man in the middle the following season.

Timme returned to the game as the Huskies were already on their way to a fourth straight double-digit victory.

Forward for the Bulldogs Anton Watson said, “You try to stay positive.” It’s challenging when Drew is injured, but we rallied the team, tried to stay upbeat, and kept cutting into the lead.

Gonzaga, which is still looking for its first national championship, had another disappointing season’s end. Making the Elite Eight was a victory in and of itself because there was little hope that it would happen this year.

Timme, who led the team entering the game with averages of 21.5 points and 7.5 rebounds, can be credited with getting the Zags there.

Nobody, according to Timme, “I think, thought we would make it this far this year.” “I think that speaks volumes to who we are as people, more than players, just by the things that we overcame as a group and how we stayed together.”


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