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Chris Hemsworth likely to get Alzheimer’s due to his DNA composition

While shooting for the movie “limitless”, Chris Hemsworth found out that he has a genetic predisposition for Alzheimer’s. He talked about the disease in an interview with Vanity Fair, saying most people avoid a confrontation on death and mortality, then something big happens that changes the route of life, bringing one closer to the reality of death.

Chris’s genes depict inheritance of Alzheimer’s

The thirty-nine-year-old Chris found out that his DNA has two copies of a certain gene called APOE4 from both his parents; this increases his chances of battling the disease as now he is eight to ten times more inclined towards having Alzheimer’s. To have a copy of this gene from both parents is a rare thing, as it happens only in two to three percent of the population.

Chris Hemsworth informed that his grandfather, whom he didn’t meet in the past few years, also suffered from the same disease. Initially, the actor was in confrontation with this revelation, however, now he says that his memory is actually deteriorating, and he does not know whether it is the disease or the placebo effect. also read:- Portugal vs Nigeria: Bruno amps up the team in the first half

Chris is all set to fight the disease as he is taking preventive measures for same. From being picky about shoots to spending quality time with his wife and children, the actor says that any predisposed disease can be tackled by managing the stress and nutrition levels of the body. He further said that he is grateful to be able to take preventive measures that many people can’t access.

Chris encourages people to take care of themselves

Hemsworth noted that the news of his disease was not revealed as a joke to the media, but it was meant to encourage people to take care of themselves during deadly times. He is hoping to fight the disease with such strength that he ends up influencing millions of others to fight the challenges in their lives. Further, he added that it’s far easier to talk about health as we now have advanced measures to tackle some life-threatening diseases.


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