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Central tenet of Canada acting in country’s national interests to boost security

The Indo-Pacific region will play a significant role in the future of Canada. For this, the country has launched an Indo-Pacific strategy with an initial investment of almost $2.3 billion over the next five years.Over the next 10 years, the Indo-Pacific strategy presents such a roadmap to deepen its engagement in the Indo-Pacific.

This will increase its contribution to regional peace and security. And will strengthen close ties between its people and supporting sustainable development. Every issue that matters to Canadians will be shaped by the relationships that Canada, along with its partners, have with countries throughout the Indo-Pacific.

Central tenet of the Indo-Pacific Strategy acting in Canada’s national interests

The central tenet of the Indo-Pacific Strategy is acting in Canada’s national interests. It positions Canada as a reliable partner to the region. An ambitious plan, beginning with an investment of almost $2.3 billion over the next five years.Canada intends to actively work with allies and partners to shape the future.

The government will invest more than $720 million to promote Canada’s regional peace and security interests. This includes $492.9 million to strengthen Canada’s naval presence in the Indo-Pacific and increase Canadian Armed Forces’ participation in regional military exercises. $47.3 million to launch a new interdepartmental initiative to build the cybersecurity capacities of selected regional partners.

Canada will spend millions of dollars for country’s economic prosperity

Canada will invest $240.6 million to open rules-based trade and support the country’s economic prosperity. $24.1 million to create the Canadian Southeast Asia Trade Gateway. And, $31.8 million to establish Canada’s first agricultural office in the region to increase and diversify agriculture and agri-food exports to the Indo-Pacific.$13.5 million to expand natural resource linkages with its partners in the Indo-Pacific region. also read:-Kim Kardashian’s shocking statements on Balenciaga kids ad campaign

This investment also includes, $100 million to fund development programmes related to the Feminist International Assistance Policy. $74.6 million to strengthen Canada’s visa processing capacity within the centralised Canadian network as well as in New Delhi, Chandigarh, Islamabad and Manila.

Increased capacity of Canada’s missions abroad

Canada will provide $913.3 million for its commitment to building a clean future. This includes, $750 million to accelerate its work in priority markets to support the development of high-quality and sustainable infrastructure. $84.3 million to contribute to a healthier marine environment in the Indo-Pacific region.

Canada has pledged a total of $143.3 million. $92.5 million to increase the capacity of Canada’s missions abroad and within Global Affairs Canada. $24.5 million for the opening of a new Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada office to help build and strengthen relationships with local partners.


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