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Archana Puran Singh explained why she does not feel bad when Kapil Sharma makes jokes on her

The Kapil Sharma Show viewers frequently witness Kapil making fun of Archana Puran Singh. Kapil seizes any chance to tease Archana Puran, while the latter happily participates as well. Even though many on social media have advised that she should give it back to him. Archana explained in the forthcoming episode why she listens to him without raising a fuss.
On the show, Archana is frequently the target of jokes.
Many people on social media frequently question me about whether or not I feel guilty about the jokes that Kapil makes about me or why I just listen to him without saying anything, Archana added. The bond we share since Comedy Circus is something really special, as I have also been stating. Kapil frequently appeared on Sony’s Comedy Circus, where Archana served as a judge for several seasons.
Despite the fact that Kapil has grown more mischievous, Archana claimed she can see through all of his mischief to the love he has for her. “Kapil has always been naughty, and his level of naughtiness has recently increased in a funny way. Nevertheless, I put up with all of this because I enjoy his naughtiness and the way he teases me. And I can see the affection he has for me below all of his mischief and humour,” she remarked. Kapil was deeply moved by what he heard and said, “Thank you Archana ji, I love you,” right away.

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She shared a video earlier this week in which she discussed how it is feels to be back on the sets in the midst of the pandemic.
“It can be a little unsettling to be outside during these ominous times, but I have been entirely at home. I haven’t left the house since I returned from New York. Because I needed to get my hair done before the shoot, I did visit a salon. However, I cannot wait to get back to work. The fact that the entire unit has been tested has led to a sense of relief, but it’s still a little unsettling, she stated in the video.

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