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‘American Idol’ Season 21 Premiere: A ’90s Pop Star’s Daughter & a Tribute to Willie Spence.

You will definitely need tissues for the return of “American Idol” and its premiere.

The judges Katy Perry, Lionel Richie, and Luke Bryan returned for the Season 6 premiere of ABC’s version of the reality singing competition, and there were a number of new competitors hoping to advance to the Hollywood Week round of the competition by sharing their motivational tales. One of the competitors on Sunday might be recognisable.

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On Season 4, Kya Monee competed. She received three judges’ “yeses” and won a prized golden ticket. She was ultimately eliminated during Hollywood Week, but not before she and fellow contestant Willie Spence performed a spooky rendition of Rihanna’s “Stay” to standing ovations from all three judges and tears from Perry.

The duet, according to Monee, “meant so much to me.” We developed a very close friendship after that.

She claims that Spence inspired her to return and attempt “Idol” once more. “Willie was telling me to return three days before he passed away. You must strive to achieve your goals “Spence was supposed to accompany her to her audition that day, she continued, adding. Just being without that support is very difficult.

Lionel Richie calls Kya Monee’ tribute to Willie Spence ‘divinely guided’

Lionel Richie describes Kya Monee’s tribute to Willie Spence as “divinely guided.” Monee then started singing “I’m Here” from the musical “The Color Purple.” The teary-eyed judges gave her a standing ovation after she sobbed throughout her performance.

Richie said, “What you gave us was everything we have been trying to tell all of these kids. In the glorious name of our beloved brother, Willie, I can only say, “That performance was so emotional, so heartfelt, and so divinely guided.”

Way to honour him, and way to honour what you two were preparing to do together, Ryan concurred. You simply sing as if Willie is still present.

runner-up on “American Idol” Willie Spence, 23, dies in a car accident and says, “I’m in shock.”

Her performance, according to Perry, “was on another level.

We also feel connected to one another because you were genuine, just like he was, she continued, “but it was so connected to the pain.”

Let’s just say that the answer was a resounding yes.

He was a wonderful angel that God brought to the world, and he was that beacon of what “American Idol” is all about, Richie said in a montage tribute to Spence as the episode came to a close.


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