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After seven years of hosting ‘The Daily Show’ Trevor Noah says goodbye to the show

Trevor Noah says goodbye to the satirical late night show after seven years. Noah had his final episode on The Daily Show on Thursday. Trevor Noah, the comedian, took over from former host Jon Stewart in September 2015. He had an emotional time as he shared his thanks to the cheering audience in the studio and at home.

He began his farewell speech and said “Honestly, most importantly, I’m most grateful to you,” . Trevor recalled that they couldn’t find enough people to fill the seats in the audience when they began the show. And, he was mindful to appreciate every person to come and watch him whenever he performed.

If one wants to know America, one needs to talk to black women

The host singled out an underappreciated segment of the population in America and got emotional. He then added, “A special shout out to black women. I have often been credited with having these grand ideas. Who do you think teaches me? Who do you think has shaped me, nourished me, informed me? From my mom, my grandma, my aunt,”. Adding, he shared that one needs to talk to black women if one truly wanted to learn about America. also read:-American journalist Grant Wahl collapsed at the age of 48

He continued to his speech and said, “Black people understand how hard it is when things go bad, especially in America or anything place that black people exist, whether it’s Brazil or South Africa, wherever they exist. When things go bad, black people know it gets worse for them. But black people in particular, they know what shit is, genuinely. To the black women who have taught me, the scholars online and authors online who have taken the time to educate me and argue with me.”

Trevor was earlier tipped for the main job

Born in South Africa,Trevor began appearing as a contributor on The Daily Show in 2014. He was then tipped for the main job in under a year. Trevor announced his departure from the show in September 2022.

He wanted to get back to performing stand-up all over the world again on his talk show recently, he told Jimmy Fallon. Trevor’s brand new Netflix comedy special ‘I Wish You Would’ was premiered on streaming platform on November 22. The Daily Show has not announced any replacement for Trevor as yet. Trevor’s place is expected to take over by several guests in the beginning beginning in January 2023.


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