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Adil Khan Durrani arrives in court after arrest amid affair allegations by Rakhi Sawant.

After her husband Adil Khan Durrani was detained on several of the accusations she levelled against him, Rakhi Sawant collapsed in front of reporters on Tuesday.

Following the Tuesday arrest of her husband Adil Khan Durrani, Rakhi Sawant collapsed while speaking to reporters. She has charged him with assault, theft of cash and jewellery from her apartment without her knowledge, engaging in unnatural sex, and dowry harassment, among other things. Businessman Adil, 30, and Rakhi, 41, wed last year. See also: Rakhi Sawant’s brother claims that Adil Khan Durrani severely battered her on the day that their mother passed away.

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Outside the Oshiwara police station, Rakhi was speaking with reporters about Adil with the assistance of her brother Rakesh Sawant. She suddenly passed out from exhaustion as she was discussing how Adil had called her repeatedly throughout the day to discuss the police complaint. She was brought to her car and forced to take a breather while sitting in the front seat.

Adil Khan Durrani, the husband of Rakhi Sawant, was brought to Andheri Court on Wednesday, the day following his arrest. Multiple accusations have been made against him by the actor.

Adil Khan Durrani, the husband of Rakhi Sawant, was brought to the Andheri court on Wednesday for remand. Following Rakhi’s filing of a FIR under IPC Secs. 406 and 420 against him, he was detained by the Oshiwara Police. Rakhi revealed last month that she wed Adil in 2022. Also read: After her complaint led to her husband Adil Khan Durrani’s arrest, Rakhi Sawant passes out while speaking to the media

Rakesh Sawant, Rakhi’s brother:-

said, “Bohot hi tough hai Rakhi ke liye aaj jo pata chala hai usse-ki Adil already pehle se shadi shuda hai. (It has been difficult for Rakhi, especially after learning today that Adil was already married to someone.) Usne kitni ladkiyon ko barbad kia hai. He has ruined the lives of women, according to numerous calls to her.

Rakesh also referred to Adil as a “cheater” and a “chor (thief),” alleging that several cases against him from the past have come to light. He also charged Adil with assaulting Rakhi.

Adil was brought to the Oshiwara police station on Tuesday for questioning before being taken into custody. Rakhi collapsed shortly after while speaking to the media in front of the police station about Adil. Rakesh, her brother, was also present.

Along with other accusations, Rakhi accused Adil of assault, secretly taking cash and jewellery from her apartment, engaging in unnatural sex, and harassing her for dowry. She claimed that last year, while she was away competing in Bigg Boss Marathi, Adil was mismanaging her money. She claimed that she had requested that he examine her mother Jaya Sawant. Jaya lost her battle with cancer on January 29.

Earlier, Rakhi told the media, “Yeh koi media ya natak nahi hai. Meri zindagi kharab ki hai issne. Mujhe mara hai, mera paisa loota hai Quran pe haath rakh ke bhi. Issne mere saath cheating kiya hai (This is not drama.  has ruined my life. He has beaten me up and stolen my money even as he put his hand on the Quran. He has cheated me).”


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