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5 superstars who got recognition all over the world but lost everything later

Bollywood is renowned for its glitz and excess. Celebrity rags-to-riches tales have frequently been told. 5 superstars who enjoyed success and everything they could hope for at one point in time, but they lost everything as a result of tragic events, bad habits, and poor decisions.

See 5 superstars who got recognition all over the world but lost everything later

Meena Kumari

Tragedy Queen, also known as actress Meena Kumari, lived a life that could only be described as terrible. Mahjabeen Bano, better known as Meena Kumari, began her career as a child artist at the age of 4. Meena Kumari married the well-known director Kamal Amrohi despite being aware of his prior marriage and three children; nonetheless, their union did not endure long, and they split up in 1964. The actress developed an alcohol problem and fell into sadness. She had alcohol-related liver cirrhosis.

Parveen Babi

Parveen Babi, one of Bollywood’s sexiest actresses, rose to prominence as one of the genre’s highest-paid female leads and became the first Indian movie heroine to grace the cover of Time magazine in 1976. Her private life frequently made headlines, although she made a significant contribution to the field. She apparently completely vanished from the film industry in 1983 without telling anyone and purportedly made a comeback in 1989, but the media believed she was completely unrecognizably changed.

Hangal, AK

In 2006, veteran actor AK Hangal received the Padma Bhushan award. Few people are aware that AK Hangal was an Indian freedom fighter who even spent time in jail. He contributed to more than 200 movies, including Aaina, Sholay, Namak Haram, and Shaukeen. The actor suffered greatly in his final moments. He had chronic kidney illness, hypertension, and pulmonary TB, all of which required extensive therapy. The actor’s declining health and financial hardship were made worse by the fact that his son Vijay had to stop working to care for him.

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Buddha Dada

Bhagwan Dada, who appeared in over 45 films throughout his career and is regarded as India’s first dancing superstar, was also a well-known producer and director. The story of his life was considerably more painful. Bhagwan Dada, who formerly resided in a mansion, was compelled to live in a Mumbai chawl, where he passed away.

Bharat Bhushan

Famous Bollywood actor, screenwriter, and producer Bharat Bhushan is well known for his work on the film Baiju Bawra (1952). Bharat was reportedly one of Bollywood’s wealthiest stars at the time. But not long after he began his production, he went bankrupt and incurred significant financial losses.


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