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You Should Roast Vegetables In These ways instead of Deep Fry.

In all households, the way of making vegetables and food is quite different from the rest. Everyone’s hand taste is also different. Many people like boiled food, so many people fry. In the changing lifestyle and diet, doctors and dieticians avoid their patients and people from eating excessive fried and roasted food. For those who have been eating fried food for years, it is very difficult for them to suddenly start eating boiled or roasted. In today’s article, we will tell you some tips with the help of which you can easily make delicious roasted or boiled vegetables instead of deep fry. Which will also look very tasty to eat.

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Make vegetables by boiling them.

Boiled and roasted vegetables are beneficial for our health. Boil and roast the vegetables instead of deep fry. There are many vegetables that we can boil and roast in less oil, so that its taste will be good to eat, such as potatoes, cabbage, parwal, jackfruit etc. we will boil and fry them in a little oil and make vegetables, so we will not need to deep fry them. They will also look delicious to eat.

Bake in the microwave or oven

You can bake a lot of vegetables in the oven. For this, peel the vegetable well and cut it and wash it and let the water spray for a while. When the water is gone, grease the oil well with the help of a brush and put it in the oven to bake. Your vegetable will be well baked and you can make it the way you want. You can prepare vegetables like bitter gourd, parwal, potato, eggplant

Roast in low oil

Roast okra, kundru, bitter gourd, cabbage , moong, and beans in low oil and roast them on a low flame with a splash of garlic and cumin seeds and if you keep them covered again and again, then with the help of steam, they will cook easily and will also look quite tasty to eat.

Fry in air fryer

You can also roast vegetables in an air fryer. In the air fryer, you do not have to do much, just grease a little oil on the vegetables and dishes and put them in the fryer. This will cook it well on the flame and you will not need to deep fry. This machine is especially known for making dishes and vegetables in low oil.


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