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You May Not Know These Facts Related to the Old Yamuna Bridge of Iron.

Yamuna river is the main river of North India it flows mainly in the states of Uttarakhand and Uttar Pradesh. Along with the River Ganga, it is also one of the most sacred rivers in the country. Yamuna River is also known as Jamuna River. The Yamuna river, which surrounds the capital of India, Delhi, is not only in Delhi but in every corner of the whole country.

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The origin of Yamuna is from the slopes of Bandar Panch Massif in the great Himalayas near Yamunotri in western Uttarakhand. The eastern and western canals are also irrigated with yamuna water. At the same time, the means of transport made from one end to the other is an iron bridge. It is one of the oldest bridges in Delhi, which was built during the British era. So let’s know about the interesting facts related to it.

What is history Yamuna bridge?

This bridge was constructed to connect Delhi with Kolkata. It was built by the British government by the East India Railway in the year 1866 at a cost of 16,16,335 pounds. At present, the price of one pound is 90.13 rupees.

Accordingly, its cost will be about 14.1913 crore rupees in Indian currency. At that time there was only one line. This was followed by a second line in 14 at a cost of £24,900,202. It has 5 spans of 12.34 feet and the last two spans of 5.700 feet. Its length is <> meters.

To increase its capacity, the company limited replaced the steel girder of this bridge in the year 1933-34 at a cost of 23,31,396 pounds. The structure of the bridge was built in Britain and it was brought here.

What’s special about Yamuna bridge ?

The bridge was designed keeping in mind the floods in the Yamuna river. At that time the danger mark was considered to be 672 feet. There are a total of 11 pillars and the level of foundation of all of them is different. The lowest foundation is at 615 feet.

At what speed does the train pass?

Due to its old age, emu passes through this bridge at a speed of 15 km per hour, mail and express trains at 20 km per hour and goods trains at a speed of 10 km per hour. Delhi’s Divisional Railway Manager RN Singh says that after the new bridge is ready, this bridge will be preserved as a heritage.

There are 3500 tons of iron

You will be surprised to know that a total of 3500 tons of iron is installed in this bridge. However, in 2011-12, about 240 tonnes of iron was replaced by the bridge. The work of replacing its dilapidated part is going on again at a cost of Rs 11 crore, so far about 900 tonnes of iron has been replaced. After the completion of the work, the speed of the train will not have to be reduced.

However, now another bridge is being built parallel to this bridge. If you know any other facts related to this, then do let us know by commenting below.


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