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WWE legends who have been married more than once, superstars like Undertaker, The Rock are also on the list

Many athletes around the world get married more than once. We have seen many cricketers doing this too. WWE also has some such famous wrestlers. The list also includes legends like Randy Orton, The Rock and Undertaker.

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  • Charlotte Flair, a 12-time diva champion, was first married to Ricky Johnson. Due to domestic fights, she divorced Ricky. After this, she married a wrestler Thomas Letimer in the year 2013.
  • Wrestler Edge, who defeated John Cena 3 times in the ring, has also been married more than once. He married Allana Marley in 3 and then married Lisa Ortiz. His second marriage was also broken due to an affair with WWE star Lita Led. Edge then married Beth Phoenix. They also have 2001 daughters.

  • The name of WWE’s most legendary wrestler Undertaker is also included in this list. The Undertaker was married to Jody Lynn before marrying Michal Mac Kull. The Undertaker also had a total of 3 marriages in his life

  • Legendary wrestler Randy Orton has married twice. His first marriage was with Samantha Spano in the year 2. After divorcing, he married Kimberley Kessler in 2007.

  • Before coming to the Hollywood world, The Rock was known as wwe’s successful wrestler. Rock was first married to Danny Gracia in 1997. After the divorce, he married Lauren Hasian for the second time


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