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Why it is important to keep water in the house of worship, know what the scriptures say.

You must have often heard the elders of the house say that keep water in a vessel along with any other object in the worship house. People give other reasons for this and also make its importance different.

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It is said that the water kept in the place of worship symbolizes that you are offering water along with offering bhog to. God so that he can take water along with food.

In fact, it is also written in our scriptures that keeping a pot of water at the place of worship always keeps prosperity in the house. If you keep water in a copper vessel at the place of worship, then it is considered more auspicious. People also believe that keeping water in the place of worship also fulfills the wishes of the person and transmits energy in the house. Let’s know from astrologer Dr. Aarti Dahiya ji why this is important and what isĀ  its importance.

Reasons for having water in worship

According to astrology, keep water in a copper or other metal vessel in the temple of the house. Change this water regularly and sprinkle it in every corner of the house. Spraying water in the house brings positive energy. Along with this, it is also said that the water kept in the worship room is kept.

Absorbs negativity. Copper is considered to be the most sacred metal for holding water. Therefore, it is most auspicious to keep water in it. Keeping a copper vessel filled with water is considered auspicious for the progress of the house.

After the aarti, achaman is done with water.

It is believed that whenever the aarti ends after worship, it is done with water. The reason for doing this is that water is worshiped in the form of Varuna Dev and he protects every single thing in the world.

Therefore, it is advisable to keep water in the worship room. So that all the gods and goddesses and members of the house can also be protected. Since the puja is considered incomplete without water at the time of aarti. Water is kept in the worship house so that you do not have to leave the puja incomplete. You can use the same water that is kept in the worship house.

Put tulsi in the water kept in the worship house.

It is believed that if you put some basil leaves in the water kept in the worship house. Then this water becomes more pure. This water can also be the water of a holy river which can keep the place of worship pure. Therefore, it is considered necessary to keep water at the place of worship.

Water is a symbol of prosperity.

The water kept at the place of worship is considered a symbol of prosperity. It is believed that positive energy is attracted towards this water and it transmits energy in the environment around you which helps to calm the mind.

Apart from this, water is offered on them by the devotee to wash the feet and hands of the divine form of God. The idols of God are bathed with water and water is also poured on them to wash their faces. This is similar to how a guest who comes to the house after a trip is advised to wash his feet with water.

Keeping water in the house of worship is not only an astrological belief but also a symbol of our faith and indicates that just as we take water after eating. It is also necessary to keep water for God in the temple.


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