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Whose brain created the abortion pills that made women’s lives easier?

Last year, the US Supreme Court gave a historic decision and abolished the constitutional right to abortion. Abortion was banned in many states of America. But in some states this was not banned. In such a situation, the FDA has allowed pharmacies to sell the drug ‘Mifepristone’. This medicine prevents the possibility of pregnancy. It has been approved to be used till the 10th week of pregnancy.

Dr. Étienne-Émile Baulieu came up with the idea of a drug decades ago that can prevent pregnancy after taking it. Dr. Bowley is now 96 years old. He says that the idea of making such a pill came to his mind about 50 years ago. He believed that such a drug could lead to a revolution. They were talking about making a pill that can abort pregnancy. He thought that such a drug would change the lives of women to a great extent. Women will not need surgery to avoid pregnancy. They will be able to live their lives on their own will. You will get pregnant only whenever you want.

Mifepristone approved in US

However, this possibility, especially in the US, seems to be as far-fetched as ever. In 2000, abortion became a controversial issue since mifepristone was approved in the US. After this, the decision of the abortion ban last year divided the country more than ever on this issue.

Yet there have been a lot of changes over time. Some of Dr. Bauliyu’s expectations have been fulfilled. Today, more than half of abortion cases in the United States use mifepristone and other drugs. And this ratio is expected to increase over time. The use of these drugs has also increased in states where abortion was banned. Because of this, these bullets have come to the center of the legal and political battle.

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He was also honoured and called Hitler’s avatar.

Dr. Bauliyu has received many scientific honors for his work. He has also received the Lasker Award, which is considered the most prestigious American award in medicine. Recently, French President Emmanuel Macron also honored him with the Grand Cross of the Legion of Honor, the highest honor. His fans have also recommended his name for the Nobel Prize.

While abortion rights advocates have hailed him as a visionary for his role in creating Mifepristone, those opposed to abortion call him hitler’s avatar. However, Dr. Bauliu, a medical degree and a PhD in Biochemistry, considers himself a doctor who believes in science.


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