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Whenever you go to buy a new car, keep some things in mind

Imagine you go to the showroom to buy a new car by collecting pie from your earnings and buy a new car. Later you find out that your car is a used or accidental car, then how will you feel? So whenever you go to buy a new car, keep some things in mind.

What to do when buying a new one

Your hard-earned money does not go into the water, so whenever you go to buy a new one, keep a few things in mind. With this, you will not get a used or accidental car from the showroom and you will be able to enjoy the car.

Take a look at the painting

Many times whenever the vehicle is loaded, there is a scratch in it, to hide it, the dealers repair it and get it polished again. You won’t recognize it when you look at it from a distance. In such a situation, whenever you go to buy a new one, take the car out of the showroom and look at the painting all around. If you look closely, the color change will be clearly visible.

Look from glass to barcode

Whenever a car comes from the factory to the showroom, sometimes some parts in them are damaged. Many times reports of tampering with the vehicle are also registered in some places. In such a situation, you should be more careful to avoid becoming a victim of it. A barcode is affixed on the mirrors, windows and doors of the car. Some numbers are written on it. Check whether all the numbers match each other or not. If this is not the case, then it means that the car has been damaged.

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Here’s how to check

Whenever you go to buy a new one, first check its door and the screw around the dashboard. Also look at the color of the painting. If there is any tampering with the vehicle, then the size of the screw will look changed and the tone will also change.

Understand PDI as well

Most people are unaware of pre-delivery inspection (PDI) before buying. Pre-delivery inspection before buyin examines everything that has been talked to the dealer or claimed before the delivery of the vehicle. Apart from this, customers should be very careful in inspection. The exterior, interior and wires of the car as well as other parts should be checked. By doing this, fresh products will come in your hands.


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