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When Juhi Chawla Got Disappointed By A Producer & Said “Dekho, Usko Bhi Star Bana Diya Maine”

One of the biggest stars that everyone is familiar with is Shah Rukh Khan. However, early in his acting career, a Raju Ban Gaya Gentleman producer who was speaking to Juhi Chawla about the film called him an Aamir Khan clone. When she first met SRK, the actress recalled the incident and expressed her disappointment.

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When they used to work on movies together, SRK and Juhi were regarded as the successful hit Bollywood Jodi. Since their on-screen chemistry was so well received by the audience, the movies were able to capitalise on it. Find out in the following paragraphs when she first saw a young Shah Rukh Khan.

Juhi Chawla and Tabu spoke with the host of the reality show “Entertainment Ki Raat” about their careers in show business. She said, “Producer Vivek Vasvani ne kaha ki tumhara hero na Fauji me aata hai bada famous hai aur bilkul Aamir Khan ki tarah lagta hai” when recalling her encounter with Shah Rukh Khan during Raju Ban Gaya Gentleman. Juhi agreed to do the movie because she imagined the hero as Aamir.

Shah Rukh Khan was described by Juhi as “Patla sa, dubla sa, brown colour ka” as she entered the set. Aamir Khan lagta hai batao mujhe baal uske yaha tak aur white shirt me aur maine bola ye kis angle. Ye to mere sath dhoka ho gaya, she uttered later. Dekho usko bhi star bana diya maine, Juhi concluded.

It’s unclear whether Shah Rukh Khan’s struggle or Juhi’s good fortune led to his success. However, Raju Ban Gaya Gentleman, arguably one of the best rom-com movies in Bollywood, marked their first time working together.



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