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When is World Cancer Day 2023? Know date, history, significance and theme.

World Cancer Day: The broad category of diseases known as cancer can affect any organ or tissue in the body. By encroaching on more cancer cells in the nearby parts of the body, the cells become abnormal and out of control. Additionally, it results in the loss of human life if it is not discovered in time.

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The second-leading cause of death worldwide is now cancer. According to a projection made by the World Health Organization (WHO), 9.6 million people will pass away in 2018.

The cost of this illness keeps rising. An individual feels the pressure on a physical, emotional, and financial level. We therefore observe World Cancer Day on February 4 to raise awareness of issues related to cancer.

The purpose of the day is to bring together various stakeholders, including the government, medical professionals, and the general public, to work toward the common objective of lowering cancer rates worldwide.


At the Paris World Summit Against Cancer for the New Millennium, the day officially kicked off in the year 2000.

An organisation called the Union for International Cancer Control (UICC) works to raise public awareness about the importance of early cancer detection.


The day begins with the development of international campaigns to address the effects of cancer on the worl .The campaign brings together similar-minded individuals to form stronger alliances and create new partnerships. These partnerships will accelerate efforts to combat cancer on a global scale.


Close the Care Gap is the multi-year theme for  Day 2022-2024.
It places more emphasis on opportunities for exposure, participation, and raising awareness of Cancer Day on a global scale.


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