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What’s the difference between a homestay and a hotel? Know before the trip

Homestay and Hotel: Whenever you and I go to visit any other place, then we first look for a hotel or homestay to stay in that place. When you get a homestay and hotel according to your mind, then the fun of walking also increases.

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But if you are asked what is the difference between a homestay and a hotel, then what will be your answer? It is often seen that many people are confused about these two, what is the difference between these two.

In such a situation, if you also want to know what are the main differences between homestay and hotel, then you must read this article. Let’s find out.

What is a hotel?

Almost everyone will know about the hotel, but for your information, let us know that it is somewhat different from a homestay. Not one, but many types of services are provided in the hotel. As you stay in a hotel, you have facilities for housekeeping, security facilities, room service facilities, etc.

In addition to these facilities in the hotel, there are also restaurants in the hotel in addition to the pool, fitness center, games place. In a way, you get 24-hour facilities in any hotel. You can also call anytime and order anything to eat and drink from the room service. You can check in or check out at the hotel at any time.

What is a homestay?

Like hotels, you can easily stay in a homestay, but the facilities available here may be less. In many homestays, tea, coffee can be made by yourself. Homestays also have the facility to make some fast food by themselves at times.

If the owner of the homestay wants, he can give coffee, tea utensils, etc. to make fast food. All these facilities are provided to tourists in many homestays present in Himachal Pradesh or Uttarakhand. In a way, even away from home, you can easily make something for yourself. Overall, even after moving from home to a place, the homestay is like home for you.

Is there a difference between beds?

There are no more than one or two beds in a hotel room, but for your information, let you know that many homestays have three to four beds in one room. In many places, rooms in the homestay also have to be shared, however, beds do not have to be shared. Therefore, almost every homestay has a locker facility where tourists can keep the goods safe. However, the rooms in some homestays are also different.

Hotel and homestays fares also vary. Hotel rent is usually high, but the rent of a homestays is less than that of a hotel. However, the fare also depends on the time and place. The craze of homestay is seen a bit more at the hill station.

Can I book a homestay online?

The biggest question is whether you can book a homestay like a hotel. In such a situation, for your information, let us know that like the hotel, homestays can also be booked online. Many travel companies offer the facility of booking homestays along with hotels. Let us tell you that you may also have to pay GST charges while booking a homestays.


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