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What is the secret of the 2000-year-old Nazca Lines located in Peru?

Peru, located in the continent of South America, is a country where there are some lines that are counted among the most mysterious places in the world. These lines present in Peru are known as ‘Nazca Lines’.

History of Nazca Lines

Located in the desert of the South American country Peru, Nazca (Nazac) Lines is believed to be more than 50 thousand years old, not 100-2 years old. When a person sees these lines from the ground, the lines appear very normal, but when someone looks through the air, after seeing these lines, a person thinks for some time that such a thing can still exist today.

When was Nazca Lines discovered?

It is said that many huge figures have been found before the Nazcalines of Peru, but after the discovery of Nazak Lines, archaeologists and people associated with space science from all over the world keep coming to see it.

Nazca Lines is said to have been first discovered around 1927 by archaeologist Toribis Majia Xesspe. However, the work of reading these lines was done around 1937. From 1927 till today, many objects related to ancient human civilization have been found here. 

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What is the secret of the Nazca line?

The mystery of Nazca Lines is very interesting. Author Erich Vaughan wrote in the book ‘Chariots of the Gods’ that these lines were created to send messages in the air. Further, he says that aliens will also land here.

Another myth about nazca lines is that their construction was inspired by Colombian civilization. Some people believe that these lines were built for irrigation, although no one has found evidence of this.

Other mysterious facts about the Nazca Line
  • It is said that the depth of some lines present here is about 10 to 15cm. At the same time, its width is not the same everywhere.
  • Nazak Lines has more than 70 geometric shapes. It is believed that the largest figure here is 1200 feet.
  • The Nazak lines cover an area of about 2,500 square kilometers.

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