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What are the capsule-covered covers, what is the cover that looks like plastic in the body?

Capsule Cover Material: You go to the doctor when you or a member of your family is sick. After diagnosing the disease, the doctor prescribes treatment by making tablets, capsules, injections or syrips or a combination of all things. Looking at many of these capsules, it seems that their cover is made of plastic. Some seem to have their covers made of soft rubber. Have you ever wondered what the capsule covers are made of? Have you ever wondered what happens to this cover in the body? If these questions have come to your mind, then we are giving you the answer to them.

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A few years ago, Lok Sabha member and BJP leader Maneka Gandhi had said that the cover of the capsule had hurt the religious sentiments of people of certain communities. During this, he also said that the cover of the capsule should be made from the bark of the trees and plants. So first of all, let’s know that the covers of capsules are made of such a thing, which can hurt someone’s religious sentiments? Are these covers not made of biodegradable plastic?

The capsule cover

used as a medicine is not made of biodegradable plastic. These covers are of two types. The first is hard shield and the second is soft shell. Both capsule covers are made from biodegradable materials. Both types of capsule covers are made from liquid solutions such as animal or plant proteins. The contents of the capsules whose covers are made from animal proteins are called gelatin. It is extracted by boiling the bones and skin of chicken, fish, pig and cow and other animals of its species.Capsule covers are made up of special proteins gelatin and cellulose.

The cellulose

of some capsules is made from protein from plant covers. This protein is extracted from the bark of plants. To make the cover of the capsule, this protein is used by the cellulose species of trees. At the same time, gelatin is made from collagen. It is found in fibrous substances such as bones, cartilage and tendons of animals. Gelatin is also used in making jellies. Many health research has reported that most pharma companies sell gelatin-covered capsules made from animal products. That is why animal activist Maneka Gandhi suggested using cellulose covers from the bark of trees and plants

you now know that the cover of the capsule is made of gelatin and cellulose. You also know that this gelatin and cellulose are made from animal and plant proteins. It is clear that when we eat capsules, its cover dissolves in the body and the medicine starts its work. The protein found from the cover nourishes our body. At the same time, excess protein goes out of the body. It does not cause any harm to the body. When we eat capsules, the digestive system dissolves the cover and the medicine starts its work.

gelatin and cellulose covers are used in making capsules. Medicine is filled in this cover. Have you ever wondered why capsule covers are of two different colors? The reason for this is not to make the capsules beautiful. In these, one part of the capsule works as a cap and the other part acts as a container. The container part of the capsule is filled with medicine. At the same time, the capsule is closed from the cap part. The color of the cap and container is kept separate so that the staff does not make mistakes while making the capsules.


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