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Western New York gets buried under a heap of six feet snow

An intense shower of snow covered some areas of Western New York as a whopping snow storm took over on Friday, after which there was some more downpour on Saturday, thay ended up shutting schools & organizations.

The National Weather Service informed the citizens about the rate of snow being approx two to three inches per hour in several parts of Niagra County on Saturday afternoon.

Among the top three snowfalls of the year

Liz Jurkowski, a meteorologist with the NWS reported that it has been hard for anyone to leave the house. All the primary roads are covered under snow and everybody is tryingt to pave the way.

He further informed that this is one of the heaviest snow storms in the history of the Buffalo region. It was last in the year 2014 when the area received such a heavy freeze.

In fact, New York’s governor opinionated that this might be the most snow that New York has witnessed in a 24-hour period. Kathy Hochul appointed 150 National Guards to take care of the situation. also read:- Naomi Biden to take vows secretly with Peter Neal in the White House

Citizen’s struggle due to the snowstorm

At least two deaths due to a cardiac arrest have been reported till now. The NWS informed about heavy winds blowing at a rate of 36 mph, and the near to zero possibility of travelling.

In fact, it was a tough task for the emergency team to reach people in the Southern parts of Buffalo. These teams were spotted working diligently to remove the heavy snow, gathering at a rapid rate.

The highway superintendent, Mr. John Pilato talked about keeping the emergency crew well-fed and caffeinated as their job is not an easy one. Instead of their beds, these guys are out in the snow, helping others escape or clearing the paths. Also, the governor announced a state of emergency in eleven counties across the Western New York.


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