Jana Kramer burst into tears while she had to pay child support to Mike Caussin

Jana Kramer was initially not happy with the orders of paying her cheating ex-husband, Mike Caussin, child support.

But she has to coordinate with the terms of legal arrangement.

The 38 year old country singer, Jana Kramer posted a statement on her Instagram in response to a fan who asked, “You are paying HIM child support?”

on Tuesday which stated that even though she had got the kids 70 percent of the time, she still payed her ex-husband child support.

Jana Kramer had a hard time wrapping her head around paying Caussin the majority of the time, despite agreeing to have custody of the kids- 6 year old Daughter Jolie and a 3 year old son Jace.

She further explained that “I’m like, I have the kids 70 percent of the time, I didn’t want the divorce and I didn’t cause the divorce.

And so it was hard for me to wrap my mind around that, having to pay him.

”However, the singer understood that the arrangement is what’s best for kids.

She also stated that she has to look at it from the other angle going, she is grateful that she can provide for her kids, and this is for the kids.

Adding, “So I have to look at that side of it and not the anger and resentment if that makes sense.