Dwayne Johnson’s Film Black Adam got attention but negatively

The reviews hitting for the Dwayne Johnson vehicle for “Black Adam” states a 32% approval rating from top critics on the the review

the lowest for a DC film since 2017’s “Justice League,” which netted a 23% approval rating from top critics.

chief film critic Peter Debruge stated that “the film’s whole purpose was to give Black Adam a suitably grand introduction

Although many have highlighted Johnson’s performance as a key strength.

“Black Adam” gave us the star’s first time anchoring a superhero film

his passion project serves the character very well, setting him up for adventures.

Joshua Yehl gave “top marks” to Johnson for “making his Black Adam just as steely and imposing as in the comics.”

Videos of the film’s end credits scene were also leaked which also stirred up online chatter, providing a hint of who Black Adam

The upcoming slate of DC films, Discovery has become a matter of careful strategy.