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We are going to tell you some of Mr. Lee popular shows that you can include in your watchlist

If you are a fan of actor Lee Dong Wook, then obviously you will like to watch his shows. In this article, we are going to tell you some of Mr. Lee’s popular shows that you can include in your watchlist. You must have seen the wave of Korean culture in India as well as in other countries. In the last few years, the craze of K-pop and K-drama has increased a lot among people. On the one hand, Korea’s most popular boy band is BTS and on the other hand, k-dramas whose acting has made millions crazy.

K-Drama has created a romantic fantasy that is very difficult to get out of and watching shows continuously is no less than a habit.

Bad and Crazy

The 2021 series features the amazing acting and bonding of Lee Dong-wook and Wai Ha-joon of the Squid game. Lee plays Su-yol, a Korean police officer who is a bit involved in corruption, but meets him due to a situation that is honest. K comes into Su-yol’s life like a mysterious person that only he knows about. In the company of K, Suyol starts walking in the right path and gradually the truth comes out that K is none other than Su-Yol’s split personality. You must watch this show full of many fun moments.

Tale of a Nine Tailed

It is a 2020 fantasy drama starring Lee Dong Wook, Joe Bo-ah and Kim Bam in the lead roles. Li-Yon (actor Lee Dong Wook) is a 1000-year-old gummiho who works to save the world from evil spirits. One day, he encounters a woman who becomes exposed to his secret. There are many situations when the two come face to face and then one Rose Li-yon discovers that she is a reincarnation of her first love. Many things gradually unfold in front of both of them and both face them till the end. Based on folk tales present in Korean history, this drama keeps you hooked till the end. The show showcases lee dong wook’s many versatilities.

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Touch Your Heart

Lee Donk Wook and Yu In-na were the second leads in the show ‘Guardian’ and their chemistry was very much liked. Given the chemistry of the two, they were again brought together in 2019. The tremendous chemistry of the two was seen again in the show ‘Touch Your Heart’. In this show, Lee Dong Wook plays a strict attorney and Yu In Na plays an actress. There is a tragedy in Yu In-na’s life, due to which he stops getting work. After a lot of struggle and a long time. He is offered a project for which he needs to practice in a law firm. Yu In-na becomes Lee Dong Wook’s secretary and from there the romantic journey of the two begins with a knock-on This show made in a light mood will tickle you and you will like it very much.


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