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Twitter Verified unfollows all accounts amid chaos over blue ticks

Twitter has started a mass unfollowing and is currently following “no one,” suggesting that the process of revoking legacy verified accounts may finally be starting. The following has fallen to its absolute lowest point on the “Twitter Verified” account as it has reached “Zero.” Earlier, Twitter followed about 420,000 legacy verified accounts.

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Twitter had previously issued a warning that all legacy verified accounts would be shut down starting on April 1 and that those who still had them but were not paying for a  Blue subscription would even have their checkmarks removed.

Variety previously reported that Twitterr will deactivate the verified checkmark status of accounts it had previously verified as notable before Elon Musk’s acquisition unless they have a  Blue or Twitter Verified Organizations subscription.

Only individual Twittr users who pay for Twitter Blue, which in the US would cost USD 8/month via the web and USD 11/month via the in-app payment on iOS and Android, will have verified blue checkmarks.

The business previously declared that Twitter Blue was now accessible everywhere.

“We’ll start shutting down our legacy verified programme and removing legacy verified checkmarks on April 1st. Individuals can register for  Blue in order to maintain their blue checkmark on Twittter “From its official handle, Twiter posted. Twitter recently changed government accounts to a grey check mark and added a gold check mark for businesses and brands.

As previously mentioned, a membership to the social network’s new Twitter Verified Organizations programme in the United States will cost USD 1,000/month (plus tax) and USD 50/month (plus tax) for each additional affiliate subaccount. This will be the only way to maintain a gold or grey check-mark badge.

Twitter first introduced verified accounts in 2009 to make it easier for users to tell which accounts “of public interest”—celebrities, politicians, businesses and brands, news organisations, etc.—were real and which were fake or parody accounts.

Previously, the business didn’t charge for verification. Within two weeks of the acquisition, Musk introduced Twiter Blue, which included the check-mark badge as one of the premium benefits.


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