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Twitter Debates Why Mumbai’s Ragda Pattice Is Called Chole tikki.

Why Ragda Pattice is the Mumbai name for Tikki Chhole. We are all so fixated on the local street food that it occasionally verges on possessiveness. For north Indians, pani puri will never replace gol gappa as their preferred food. Mumbai also experiences the same emotion. Delhi and Mumbai frequently have cultural disagreements, especially over food. A Twitter post that brought up the topic of chhole tikki and ragdi pattice added fuel to the fire.  It is not logical, “User inquired. Naturally, other Twitter users jumped into the argument to voice their opinions.

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A common street food in northern India, particularly in Delhi and Punjab, is chhole tikki. In addition to cooked chhole, chopped onions, chutneys, and other traditional chaat ingredients, crispy fried tikkis are served. Similar food can be found on the streets of Mumbai under the name ragda pattice. While the Twitter user who made the post believes the two dishes are nearly identical and don’t require different names, other users don’t appear to agree.

The majority of comments claim that while chhole tikki and ragda pattice may be comparable, they are not the same. Some users noted that while ragda pattice contains smaller white peas and chhole tikki contains larger white chickpeas, respectively (called matar).
Some individuals also emphasised the distinction between tikki and ragda. While ragda pattice is shallow-fried and covered in rava, tikki is a deep-fried aloo cutlet. Check out the comments that sparked the heated discussion:


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