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‘Troll’ Ending: Does Nora Defeat The Monster?

Troll,’ a Norwegian monster film on Netflix, centres on the titular creature, who awakens in the mountains following an explosion. As it approaches Oslo, Norway’s capital, the Prime Minister summons a skilled paleobiologist to deal with the disaster.

Does Nora defeat the monster?

When Nora finally pieces things together, she realises that the monarch is returning to his palace. The Troll bones begin to fall apart as she applies UV light to them.

Even though they had seen the troll during the day, she now understands that because the sun wasn’t out, it didn’t perish. She phones Kris as soon as possible, and they come up with a strategy to take it down.

While this is going on, Andreas calls Sigrid and instructs her to break into the system to stop the airstrike. In order to catch the Mountain King’s eye, Nora and Andreas attach a Troll skull to a car. also read:-‘Gold’ movie review-thriller fails to sparkle : Alphonse’s return as a director after a seven-year

Elsewhere, Kris gathers a few of his Home Guard buddies on the outskirts of Oslo, and they build a large circle of UV light panels pointing upwards.

As the cables snap, the Troll notices the skull and chases the car. The creature picks up the skull, making a mournful sound as it does so. Nora realises that all it really wants is to be with its own kind, but there aren’t any left.

The Troll becomes even angrier as they lead it straight to the target circle. Meanwhile, Sigrid is apprehended by Markussen, who repairs the missile system and orders the fighter jet to engage the monster.

Sun rises, and everyone celebrates the victory

However, the pilot notices the presence of humans nearby and aborts the mission. Kris activates the UV lights, and the Troll begins to disintegrate. Nora is distraught as it screams in pain, and she concludes that this is not the proper way to end it.

She turns off the lights and begs the creature to leave. However, the sun rises before it can react, and it crumbles to its death. Everyone is ecstatic about the victory, except Nora.

Nora and Andreas wonder if there are any more Trolls in the mountains as the authorities arrive.

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