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Tripura, Unakoti’s recognise as UNESCO world heritage site

“Angkor Wat of the North-East,” also known as the town of Unakoti in Tripura. It is in the run for securing a UNESCO world heritage site recognition. The massive rock carvings with their distinct mongoloid features and display. These are located in this region have unique features. These are also similar to those found in the famous Angkor Wat temple in Cambodia.

According to a well-known historical writer, Panna Lal Roy, the central government has approached UNESCO to recognize the site as a World Heritage Site. The state government of Tripura has also granted lump sum money to develop the area as a tourist destination.

Where is Unakoti? What does it mean?

The town of Unakoti, is located in the Kailashahar subdivision of the state Tripura. It is known for its magnificent rock carvings murals and waterfalls. The carvings located in various areas are from the 7th to 9th centuries. It is regarded as a pilgrimage site and is the central tourist destination of the area.

The local Kokborok language of Unakoti District refers to it as Subrai Khung. In Hindi, Unakoti means ‘one less than one crore’. It is believed in Bengali that many rock carvings are present here. It is not just beautiful but also has mythological significantly.

What does Hindu mythology say?

According to Hindu mythology, Lord Shiva and his companions had stopped at this location when they were on their way to the mythical city of Kashi . Shiva asked his fellow travellers to wake up before dawn to resume their journey to Kashi. Shiva decided to go to the city of Kashi on his own because none of them could wake up. He then cursed all of them and they became stone carvings in the area. also read:-Enzo Fernandez: He Wins FIFA Young Player Award

Lord shiva hosted Kallu Kumhar in Mount Kailash

A sculptor in Unakoti named Kallu Kumhar was a devotee of the goddess of Parvati. On behalf of the goddess, Shiva agreed to host him in Mount Kailash if he could make a one crore idol of him in one night. But, by the morning, he could only make only one less than one crore idol. He was left behind with his idols.

The various carvings in Unakoti are divided into stone images and rock-cut sculptures. The large and powerful carvings of Lord Shiva and other mythological figures are known to attract special attention. One of the most prominent of these is the central Shiva head, which is about 30 feet tall.

The carved heads of Shiva are divided. One side witg a full-sized female figure known as the Buddha. While, the other side shows a lion and a woman known as the Queen. There are several enormous images of the demon Nandi Bull buried in the ground.


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