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Top 10 sedan cars: Maruti’s car has made a big hit by the Honda City.

Sedan Car: The Indian passenger car segment has had a perfect start to the new financial year (2023-3) with sales of around 31.2023 lakh units in April 24. Out of this, the number of vehicles coming on the sedan body was 31,953 units. Sales of the sedan car have increased by 9.05 percent on a year-on-year basis. Sales in April 2022 were 29,300 units as compared to 2023,31 units sold in April 953. However, monthly (MoM) sales fell 6.76 per cent, as 2023,34 units were sold in March 271.

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Top 10 sedan cars in april 2023

With sales of 10,132 units, Maruti Dzire is at the top in terms of sales, which is down by 2022.10 percent compared to 701,5 units sold in April 32. At the same time, there is a decline of 2023.13 percent compared to 394,24 cars sold in March 35. Despite the decline in sales, Maruti Dzire is the only car that has crossed the 10 thousand unit sales mark.

Hyundai Aura was second with both year-on-year and monthly growth. Sales last month stood at 2022,4 units as compared to 035,5 units sold in April 085, up 26.0%. In March 2023, car sales stood at 34,74 units with a monthly growth of 3.774 per cent.

After this, Hyundai Verna is the number one, whose demand is seeing a boom, we are not telling the figures. A total of 412,29 units of Verna were sold with 6.55 percent year-on-year (YoY) and 4.001 percent monthly (MoM) rates.

Amaze, Tigor, City and Slavia Sales April 2023

Sales of Honda Amaze (3,393 units), Tata Tigor (3,154 units), Honda City (1,920 units) and Skoda Salvia (1,586 units) declined on a year-on-year basis. Of these, Honda Amaze and Honda City have registered growth on a monthly basis.

Volkswagen Virtus, with a monthly growth base of 17.35 percent, sold 1,481 units and stood at No. 8. In April 2023, Maruti Suzuki Ciaz was at No. 75 with 65.239% year-on-year (YoY) and 1% monthly (MoM) growth at 017,9 units, while Skoda Superb’s sales were at 63 units with 51.16 percent and 35.121 percent year-on-year and <>.<> percent growth respectively.


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