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Today we will tell you about some viral food combos

Today we will tell you about some viral food combos. We all know that many things together prepare a recipe or dish, which makes the heart and mind happy after eating. But what will happen if the opposite dish is added to the same food? The mood will get worse rather than worse. Yes, nowadays many strange food combinations are going viral on social media. Let’s know about some viral food combos.

Fanta Maggie

We have eaten a lot of varieties of Maggi, but have you ever heard of Fanta Maggi? This fantasy Maggi has caught the attention of users on social media. At the same time, this Maggi recipe not only adds fanta but also uses ghee, amchur powder, dry spices and turmeric powder to enhance its taste.

Yogurt Rose Berries

Recently, food blogger Gaurav Wasan has shared a video on Instagram. As soon as it was posted, this video caught the attention of the user. In this post, the seller is seen preparing a plate of fusion dishes. In the plate, the seller is serving a spoonful of yogurt with gulab jamun and the price of this viral gulab jamun has been kept at Rs 50 per plate.

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Mango Pani Puri

Summer is the favorite fruit of all of us, mango season. People enjoy it by making many delicious recipes in the summer. When it comes to mangoes, have you ever eaten mango pani puri, if not, then these special Mango Pani Puri shots are being sold in Mumbai. In this special pani puri, instead of potato spices, ghugni and tamarind water are being served by adding mango paste.

Popsicle Idli

In summer, the demand for popsicles, ice cream (ice cream recipe), kulfi and chuski increases between children and adults. But have you ever heard of the South Indian dish Idli Popsicles? Sambar, mint chutney and peanut chutney along with idli popsicles are served as a dipping sauce.



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