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Tina Datta mother mistakenly hugs Sreejita De instead of her daughter

The mother of housemate Tina Datta will be seen entering the programme in the upcoming Bigg Boss 16 episode as the family week is taking place. When Tina’s mother entered the house, she wrongly thought it was her daughter and hugged Sreejita from behind rather than Tina Datta.

Sreejita breaks down in tears as she becomes upset. Tina’s mother, however, recognises it as Sreejita and watches out for Tina. Tina is in the garden area when she goes looking for her. In the end, Bigg Boss releases Sreejita. She meets Tina’s mother in the garden area. Later, Archana overhears Sreejita complaining to her that Tina’s mother gave her a chilly hug.

Teena Datta post says

They claim that there have never been equal chances for men and women in the globe, but circumstances have changed. Yet, we enquire, have they? Women have been criticising other women on national television and undermining their personas behind their backs.

Why must a successful woman continually be made fun of for her accomplishments? The statement “Koi hai bahar is usko branded cheeze dilata hai” Why can’t she pay for it on her own? Has she not made an effort to purchase stuff for herself, or does every girl who owns name-brand clothing have a man purchase it for her? She must be single since she has damaged so many homes.

Does that imply that every girl who is single has acted improperly? We want to transform a young woman into an outdated commodity because she is “Expired Maal”. The note said, “Unfortunately, she is completely unaware of it even though it is happening on national television every day. How is it acceptable for other women to do character assassination on another woman? Since Tina has worked really hard since she was 4.5 years old and established herself in the profession, we sincerely hope that this isn’t a reflection of the society in which we live. We also know that Tina wouldn’t want it to be that way.”

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Tina put a lot of effort into getting to where she is now, from her nonstop daily soap opera shooting schedule to her foreign tours and concerts. Instead than trying to knock down a woman, let’s respect her for who she is. We’ll tell you in the end that what you say is a reflection of you, not of her. She receives her reality via her mirror. Give yourself what your words can!

The caption description stated:

“There is a tribe of other ladies who stand with every successful lady. Let’s Rise Together, from a Team of Women Supporting Tina! #TeamTina#OpenLetter #BeingWoman” (With assistance from IANS.)


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