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This place offers some of the most scenic hill stations to explore with some exciting activities.

If you enjoy cosy, lush hill towns, Nagpur, a little city in Maharashtra, is the place for you. The close-by hills of Nagpur have something unique to offer every first-time traveller or tourist. These undeveloped hill communities near Nagpur provide hiking trails, breathtaking waterfalls, camping areas, and a welcoming atmosphere all year long. Check out some popular hill towns to visit near Nagpur:


The Pachmarhi Hill Station is Madhya Pradesh’s tallest hill station and highest point. Other well-known titles for Pachmarhi include Satpura ki Rani and Queen of the Satpura Range. Nagpur is 230 kilometres distant. The picturesque community is a component of the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve and is located 1,067 metres above sea level. The principal sights to see in this hill town are the Pandava Caves, Mahadeo Hills, Satpura National Park, and Apsara Vihar waterfall.


A pretty little hill town called Chikhaldara can be found 231 kilometres from Nagpur. Among the unique plants and animals, breathtaking lake vistas, expansive hilltop views, and pleasant weather, you can live quietly. Among Chikhaldara’s top attractions are Bhimkund, the Melghat Tiger Project, the Narnala and Gwalior Forts, Muktagiri, and Bir Lake.


The Sahyadri hills of the Western Ghats are home to the charming hill town of Bhandardara. Because of the lush foliage, lovely waterfalls, and stunning high mountains, the area is the perfect vacation for city inhabitants. It is almost 673 km away from Nagpur. Umbrella Falls, Kalsubai Mountain, Arthur Lake, and Ratanwadi Village are the main attractions.


Another lovely hill town with a comfortable climate and secure architecture is Matheran. It is 698 kilometres away from Nagpur. Trekking, water rappelling, paragliding, and rock climbing are all enjoyable sports to try out here. Chanderi Caves, Panorama Point, and Charlotte Lake are all popular tourist destinations.

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Igatpuri is blessed with stunning scenery and is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers. Moreover, it is located in the Western Ghats’ Sahyadri range. It is almost 685 kilometres away from Nagpur. This is one of the stunning hill towns close to Nagpur that provides a tonne of fun and thrilling activities, stunning waterfalls, peaceful valleys, and many more.


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