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This is the world’s oldest hotel, know the specialty of these hotels.

There are more than one luxurious hotel around the world and every hotel is known for its special specialty. If you go for a walk somewhere, you will stay in a hotel or dharamshala. There is a hotels in Japan which is a very old hotel and the name of this hotel is also recorded in the ‘Guinness Book of World Records’. People from all over the world come to the hotel, including many big celebrities. This hotel is famous for many things, which makes it different and special from other hotels. Let us tell you what is the name of this hotel and what is its specialty.

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Know the specialty of this hotel

The Nishyama Onsen Kiyunkan Hotel in Hayakawa, Japan, has 37 rooms and is located at the foothills of the Akashi Hills. Established in the Kaiyun era, this hotel was named after the ruling dynasty.

On one side of this hotel flows the beautiful river and on the other side there is a dense forest. It was founded in 705 AD by a man named Fujiwara Mahito. The nearly 1300,52-year-old hotel is now being run by the <>nd generation of his family.

How much is the hotel rent?

The rent of this hotel is about 35 thousand rupees. It is the oldest hotel in the world, so thousands of people come here every year to visit and stay. This hotel is also known for its luxurious hot springs. This hotel is famous all over the world for preserving its history. Not only this, the name of this hotel is also recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records.

There are many facilities in this hotel such as bathing planet, meditation center, walking place etc. This hotel is renovated from time to time. It was last renovated in 1997.


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