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Things to do in Yuksom The Land of Ancient Monasteries in West Sikkim.

Yuksom is a very beautiful place in West Sikkim. Known as the Gateway to Mount Kanchenjunga, Yuksom is arguably a great place to visit. There are many old monasteries to waterfalls and lakes here, which mesmerize you. This place is not only naturally beautiful, but also historically equally important.

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Nature lovers can visit the National Park present here, where they can see unusual types of creatures and birds. While spending your holidays in Yuksom, you can also taste the delicious things around. Also, shopping here is also a different pleasure. So today in this article, we are telling you about some such things that you can do in Yuksom, Sikkim-

Do trekking

If you are in Yuksom, then you must enjoy trekking there. There are two popular routes in Yuksom for trekking – The Dzongri Trail and the Singalila Ridge. However, you will need a permit before you can set out for a trekking tour through these trails. The Dzongri Trail takes you through some of the inaccessible and picturesque places of Sikkim. At the same time, Singalila Ridge offers some spectacular views of the Himalayas.

Jeep safari in Kanchenjunga National Park

If you are a nature lover and want to see different species of organisms very closely, then you should do jeep safari in Kanchenjunga National Park. This UNESCO World Heritage Size is home to many flora and fauna species. Spread over an area of 1,784 sq km, this national park offers a great safari experience. While doing jeep safari here, you offer a great view of the vast Himalayan mountain range, streams and pine forests. Here you can see wild animals including snow leopard, musk deer, Himalayan black bear, Himalayan blue sheep and red panda.

Enjoy shopping

The experience of visiting any place is not complete unless shopping is done there. Shopping in Yuksom also has its own fun. Yuksom Market is a local market. There are some small shops along the road from where you can buy household products. There are also some cafes in the market where incoming travelers hang out. Yuksom is a small town and therefore you will not find fancy products in this market.

Rotate the spin prayer wheels

Mani Hall is a temple-like structure in Yuksom. The style of this building is a blend of traditional Buddhist architecture with modern architecture. The roof of this building is large, which is red-yellow in color. Unique glass walls have been used here. The main attraction of Mani Hall is the 2 huge prayer chakras set in 18 rows. Rotating the heavy copper spin prayer wheels present here is a different experience in itself.

Watching fishes in Lake Kartok

Fish watching has its own experience. Watching fish is an activity that not only makes your mind and brain feel calm, but also makes you feel very good. You can do fish watching in Yuksom’s Kartok Lake . When you look closely at this lake of Yuksom, you see goldfish here. This lake is full of golden colored fish. The Kartok Lake present here is considered sacred. It is believed that it has the powers to fulfill your desires.

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