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These great places in India are LGBTQ friendly places, must visit during Pride Month

LGBTQ friendly places: Like a normal tourist, LGBTQ travelers are not comfortable traveling to many LGBTQ friendly places in the country. LGBTQ travelers do not even explore many parts of the country well because of the untold things coming from all sides, looking at them with different eyes and always looking with staring eyes.

The month of June of the year is a month known as Pride Month. This is a month when there are different programs around the world for people from the LGBTQ community, and they are asked to treat them like their own.

In this article, we are going to tell you about some of the places in India where LGBTQ community tourists roam hand in hand. In these places, you can also walk shoulder to shoulder with them.
Goa (Goa)

Goa is a state in the country where not only domestic but also foreign tourists keep coming to visit. Goa’s nightlife is quite famous all over the world. Thousands of tourists visit the beach every month on the shore of the beach here.

Not only street tourists, but thousands of LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender) tourists also arrive to enjoy Goa’s nightlife and beach. Here they roam around without any restrictions. Here you can easily mingle with them.
Delhi (Delhi)

There are one historical and beautiful places in the country’s capital i.e. Delhi. From street travelers to people from every corner of the world, LGBTQ tourists arrive to visit.

Delhi is a place for LGBTQ tourists to live their lives freely. It is also a place where Pride Month is celebrated with great warmth. Apart from this, due to Delhi being a political center, LGBTQ tourists keep coming with their demands.

Bengaluru (Bengaluru)

If you do not know, then for your information, let you know that Bengaluru has been the host of Pride Month since 2008. Pride Month is celebrated here with great warmth every year.

Bengaluru also hosts the ‘Bengaluru Queer Film Festival and the Multi-Arts Gender Bender Festival’. This is a city where LGBTQ tourists keep coming to enjoy the nightlife. LGBTQ tourists roam around fearlessly.

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Mumbai (Mumbai)

Mumbai, popularly known as Maya Nagari all over the world, is also one of the LGBTQ friendly destinations. It is also a city where LGBTQ tourists are also seen roaming along with street travelers.

Mumbai is also one of the LGBTQ friendly destinations because there are LGBTQ related programs every day. It is also a city where LGBTQ films are produced.


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