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These Five changes occur in Women’s Body after Delivery.

The time of pregnancy is challenging for every woman, but this time is very special for every mother. At the same time, there are some new changes in the body of women after delivery. Many women get upset due to these changes. In such a situation, we have talked to our expert Priya Verma. Priya Verma works at NMCH Hospital in Patna. She is a gynecologist, so she has shared some of the main things related to women’s body. Let’s know what our expert has said.

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Hair starts to fall

Our experts say that women’s hair starts falling only a week after delivery. If this problem is happening to you too, then there is no need to panic for it. Generally, women have to deal with this problem for 6 months after delivery, but later the hair growth is corrected again. This is due to hormonal changes.

Changes in the size of sandals

During pregnancy, the weight of women increases by 15 to 16 kg. In such a situation, excess weight can cause a lot of pressure in the feet. Due to this, the arch of the foot becomes flat. Due to which old slippers start getting smaller.

Changes in the face

There are also many changes in the face. Many women have dryness problems after pregnancy. If this is happening to you, then it can also be due to hormonal changes.

Changes in breast

The problem of changes in the breast happens to all women. It is quite common to have things like pain and swelling in the breast. In fact, the skin of the breast, stomach and thighs is pulled during pregnancy. Due to this, there are changes in the breast.

Pain in the vagina

Many women may also have problems with vaginal pain after delivery. Periods start about 7 to 9 months after delivery. In such a situation, there are some women who have a very late period. This problem is mostly seen in normal delivery. In such a situation, you do not need to panic. This is not what we say, but our expert Doctor Priya.

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