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These 5 ways in which the mother can affects children in good way.

How much do your parents affect children? Maybe we all know the answer. The right relationship with parents is very important for the mental and physical growth of children. Many studies have proved the fact that for development, children need positive support from parents from the early stages. They learn from things around them and their personality is also established in the coming years.

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It is always believed that the role of a mother is very important for the future of the child. But can a mother really change her children’s personality? We spoke to Dr Bhavna Burmi, senior child and clinical psychologist at Fortis Escorts Heart Institute and founder of Happiness Studio, to find out the answer to this question. He says that how the mother’s relationship is with her child can establish her learning window.

For the development of the child, a mother does not just play a mother, but plays many characters. She can create social, emotional, physical independence. There are many occasions in which the mother can affect her child.

1. Mother can change the baby’s brain

No, don’t be surprised to read it. Mother’s influence can really change the child’s mind. A 2021 study suggests that this affects the size of a child’s brain. In this study, research was done on school-going children. It was reported that the hippocampus (inner part of the brain) of children who received positive support from their mother was much larger.

2. Mother’s support remains positive for life

How changes will take place in your life depends a lot on your mother’s company. If your relationship with your mother is good, then you will see its effect throughout your life. If you have the right support of your mother, then your childhood will be right, you will get mental growth and there will be changes in your personality so that you will be able to live your every relationship properly.  the child gets positive support from the mother in the first 16 years, then he gets more satisfaction in the coming life.

3. Mega network is formed from mother

The mega network term was revealed in a study of 2020. It was reported in the Journal of Neuro Image that when the mother’s emotional state is positive, the child’s brain develops more quickly. Here is talking about the emotional problems of the mother during pregnancy. Brain scanning of the mother as well as her newborns was also done for this study. This study clearly shows that the emotional state of the mother starts affecting the child even before it is born.

4. The baby’s brain is activated by the mother’s voice

You may not know this, but the mother’s voice can trigger the baby positive or negative all the time. Psychology believes that we always like our mother’s voice. Even when our mind is calm and when we are restless, the mother’s voice comforts us. Our brain evolves in the same way.

5. The mood changes when talking to the mother

According to Doctor Bhavna, it brings a very positive change in your mood. If your mood is very bad, talk to your mother. If the relationship is positive, then its effect will also be right in your situation.

Overall, psychology also believes that if your mother is with you, then your life becomes happier. What is your opinion on this matter? Let us know in the comment box below the article. If you liked this story, please share it. Stay connected to Harjidagi to read other such stories.


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