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The Witcher: The broody monster hunter is the Witcher.

Geralt of Rivia is at the center of The Witcher universe, in its books, video games and Netflix series. Mysteries and questions constantly float in the fog, and The Witcher: Blood Origin answers at least one of them: How did the first Witcher come to be?
The prequel series is the second spinoff in Netflix’s hit Witcher franchise
As promised, viewers will meet the heroes who laid the foundation for the monster killers we know, along with the backstories for other plot points in the original series. If you are brand-new to the franchise, there’s plenty of action to reel you in, but all the stylish sword fights in the world will not help you understand how everything ties together. Fast-moving, bloody and action-packed, this series is not only a peek at the earliest version of his kind, but a history dive into Xi notrea and Ithlinne’s prophecy.
We do not explore Kaer Morhen’s famous School of the Wolf, as the focus here is on the elves and their domination in politics, magic and society on the Continent. Set over a thousand years before Geralt’s time, the story centers on the “Conjunction of the Spheres”. A familiar face greets us in the opening scene of the first episode, which serves as a big wink to let you know this prequel ties in with the original series.

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Right away, it’s clear that the theme of this Witcher installment is the power of story.
As narrator and a Seancha , Minnie Driver’s character drives that point home for Jaskier.ile is a badass Raven Clan fighter who was once loyal to the kingdom of Pryshia. On the run, they eventually link up with Michelle Yeoh’s Sc an, a sword master and the last living member of the Ghost Tribe.
We learn a tiny bit about Sc an and her people to get a snapshot of her agenda, but it would have been cool to see how her clan figured into the prophecy that drives this whole series. Many of the costumes are beautiful, but if you are expecting traditional medieval garb, remember this is an advanced elf civilization in a period before monsters and human interaction.

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