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The whole river is covered in this small cave… Why do people call it satan’s kettle?

The world is full of mysteries. There are mysteries that even science has not been able to solve till date. One such secret is associated with a river. Along with this, there is also a cave in which the entire river is covered. The locals call this cave devil’s kettle. However, science has tried to solve this puzzle but has failed so far. Let me tell you that this cave falls in America. This cave is called ‘The Devil’s Kettle’ in English.

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Where does the water of this river go?

This river falls as a waterfall in Judge C. R. Magney State Park of Minnesota on the northern edge of Superior Lake, USA. But all the water falling from it gets absorbed in a small hole there, which is like a cave. The most surprising thing is that the entire water of the source of the Brul River falls down through the path of winding, narrow rocks and then gets absorbed in this hole.

Scientists can’t solve this mystery.

For scientists, this small hole remains a mystery even today. To unravel the mystery of where the water of this river goes, scientists put ping-pong balls, colors, dyes in that devil’s kettle and saw where the water is going. However, so far no trick has worked that can find out where the water has gone.

Why is this hole called satan’s kettle?

People call this small cave by names like Satan’s Kettle, Satan’s Embroidery or The Devil’s Kettle. But now the question arises why this cave has been given such names. In fact, centuries ago, when science did not develop so much, people used to associate all kinds of unique things with God and Satan. This is a small cave in which all the water of the river is absorbed, so people call it satan’s kettle which never fills.


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