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Barbie: The trailer of Hollywood stars Margo Robbie and Ryan Gosling’s film ‘Barbie’ has been released

The doll we have all played with since childhood or the doll that has been the most popular in the world is named Barbie. We all spent our childhood playing with Barbie or any copy of it. Now Hollywood director Greta Garving is bringing the film ‘Barbie’ on everyone’s favorite doll Barbie. Margo Robbie and Ryan Gosling, two of the most beautiful actors in the industry, are playing the lead role in this film. Now the trailer of the film has been released.
Barbie’s trailer released
It is clear from the name that this film is about Barbie Doll. But there are not one but several Barbies in this film. She is accompanied by her special friend and boyfriend Ken. Different versions of Ken have also been made part of the film. In the trailer, you will see that Barbie lives in Barbeyland with all her versions and friends. She is happy and spends time dancing with friends every day. But now slowly changes are coming in Barbie’s life, which are beyond her understanding.
She has lost her sleep. Her bath water has cooled down and her raised heels have now become flat. When she tells all this to the other barbies with her, there is a stir. Now Barbie will have to go to the world of real humans and find out about all this. But the real world has its own difficulties. In such a situation, when he and Ken step into Los Angeles, California, the first thing is to go to jail with them. Now Barbie and Ken are followed by people from a big company, who want to take advantage of it.
The movie will be fun
This trailer is quite fun and colorful. In the trailer you will see the beautiful Barbeland. The dolls living in it are also more than one. Margo Robbie is playing the role of the original Barbie. Apart from them, there is a Barbie president. The second is a Nobel Peace Prize winner and the third is a doctor. At the same time, Ryan Gosling is in the role of Barbie’s boyfriend Ken. Will Ferrell, America Ferreira, Connor Swindles and other actors have worked in the film. Fans are very fond of this trailer full of comedy.

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