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The Phantom of the Opera Ends Unprecedented 35-Year Run on Broadway.

The Phantom of the Opera took its final bow this Sunday, April 16, at the Majestic Theatre in New York after a successful Broadway run spanning 35 years and more than 14,000 performances. Sadly, this will be the first time the theatre will be empty since the Phantom of the Opera opened in 1988, a very long time.

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The Phantom of the Opera, which has been on Broadway the longest so far, had its final curtain call on Sunday after a record 13,981 performances up until the big finale.

From January 1988, when it first became available for viewing, the one-of-a-kind production attracted nearly 20 million spectators and brought in about $1.3 billion. Add to this the fact that the production has employed roughly 6,500 people, including over 400 actors and Broadway’s largest-ever pit orchestra, which consists of 27 live musicians. Did you know that 125 people were need for the cast, orchestra, and crew each and every time the show was performe? And today, everything is finished.

Fans and admirers of the play, many of whom were regulars at the theatre and  seen the play dozens or even hundreds of times, were somewhat shocke by the news. Following the production all over the world, they managed to secure tickets for the final time and showed up in force on Sunday night to support their cherished staged production. Many of these fans have grown to love the show over the years, and it now provides them with ongoing entertainment.



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