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The mirror in the elevator is not meant to see the face, Let’s know the reason.

Mirror installed in lift: The advancement of science has made many tasks of humans much easier. In today’s modern life, almost everything seems to be moving towards betterment due to technology. Technology has made the difficult tasks of millions of people around the world easier. Whether it is a mobile phone or a laptop, everything has changed the world. One such tremendous invention is the elevator. With the help of elevators, people do not have to work hard or waste much time to go to the tallest building.

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In offices, malls and other high-rise buildings, elevator facility is available. We all use the elevator in daily life. Recently, mirror have also been installed in lifts. You must have also seen mirrors in many elevators. These mirrors are not meant to see your face, but the reason for this is that it makes the inside of the elevator look open and shows more space, so that people do not feel suffocated. Due to which people living inside the elevator also feel better.

This is the reason for installing mirrors in the elevator

When people started using the elevator, many people have started feeling the speed of the elevator very fast. People complained about it and then understood what was the reason behind it. This happens because people focus on the walls of the elevator, which makes them feel the speed of the elevator faster. To find a solution to this problem, elevator manufacturing companies started putting mirrors on the walls of elevators.


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