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The Last of Us Episode 6 Trailer Reunites Pascal’s Joel & Luna’s Tommy.

The Last of Us : The hype surrounding the giant infected, which the show neglected to explain, may have left some viewers perplexed after watching The Last of Us episode 5. Characters like Ellie and Joel refer to the giant infected as a bloater.

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What is the Bloater in Episode 5 of The Last of Us?          

The Last of Us episode 6 trailer shows Joel and Ellie reuniting with a significant character after their harrowing journey through Kansas City. Based on the same-named video game by Naughty Dog, the series follows Pedro Pascal’s smuggler and Bella Ramsey’s foul-mouthed teen as they cross country to deliver her to scientists. Who believe she holds the key to reversing the Cordyceps fungi that caused the world’s demise. Where bandits had taken over the city and were governing it with an iron fist.

The Last of Us Episode 6 trailer

Rutina Wesley’s portrayal of the video game character Maria is one of the biggest revelations from the sixth episode of The trailer.  Those who have played the games are aware that Maria has a stronger bond with the central figures in The Last of Us, setting up some terrifying stakes for Joel and Ellie’s time in Jackson and their future.

Another intriguing takeaway from the episode 6 trailer is the apparent confirmation that the Tipsy Bison saloon will appear in season 1 of the HBO series The Last of Us. Although it was a Jackson location, it appeared in The Last of Us Part II, which may have hinted at the adaptation of story elements from the second game. However, it could also have been merely a fun Easter egg for fans of the original work. On February 19, The Last of Us episode 6 will air, and only time will tell how it affects the plot.


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