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The Las Vegas structures that Elvis Presley left behind

Elvis Presley added an enduring “Viva” in front of Las Vegas, but he didn’t put the city on the map. Here is a list of the King’s preferred venues in Sin City on what would have been his 88th birthday. Although Elvis’ ghost never left these structures, most of them have since passed away. But not every.
The Westgate
Elvis Presley began a seven-year residency on July 31, 1969. At the International Hotel, which later changed its name to the Las Vegas Hilton and is now the Westgate. On a stage in a showroom that is still in use, Elvis gave two sold-out shows every night for 636 straight sold-out performances.
When tickets cost $15, Elvis made $125,000 a week and broke attendance records in Las Vegas, including the record for the most straight sold-out shows (58).
The Frontier (former site)
In this Venus Room, Elvis made his Las Vegas debut over a two-week period in April 1956. The 21-year-old, who was billed behind orchestra conductor Freddy Martin and Borscht-belt comedian Shecky Greene, was referred to in advertising as “the atomic powered singer.”
By all accounts, Elvis was a failure. The at-the-time square Vegas masses had no idea what had just happened.
The Sahara
While “Viva Las Vegas” was being filmed around the city in July 1963, Elvis and his raucous entourage were residing on the top floor of the Alexandria Tower. The phrase “Memphis Mafia” was first used at this location.
Elvis also expressed his passionate affection for Ann-Margret, the movie’s co-star, in this location (room 2542, the Presidential Suite). Ann-Margret and Elvis never discussed their romance in the media.

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The Flamingo
In the opening scene of “Viva Las Vegas,” Elvis Presley’s persona wins enough money at a craps table to enter the Las Vegas Grand Prix. He sings “The Lady Loves Me” to Ann-character Margret’s later at the pool before she pushes him off the diving board. (His winnings are actually flushed down the toilet.)
But the Flamingo of today is not the one designed by Bugsy Siegel. In 1994, the final traces of the original were destroyed. Even the pool has undergone extensive renovations.

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