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The horror film Smile set DVD release dates after a blockbuster in theaters

The year 2022 has witnessed phenomenal growth in the horror movie genre. Various haunted movies returned with a scary sequel along with some fresh ones that made the audience and fans happier. Like the paramount movie Smile opened up with a bang this year, currently being scheduled for Blu-ray and DVD release on December 13th, 2022.

Smile’s release on Blu-ray and DVD

The movie’s special release will showcase features like in-between commentary by the film’s director, Mr. Parker Finn. It also includes the short film which inspired the movie’s creation along with two featurettes. Further, a few deleted scenes will be added to the screens with Finn’s commentary. also read:- Novak Djokovic declared as best dressed from ATP Finals

Paramount was always optimistic about the success of Smile, however, no one could have predicted the insane hit this movie became. The movie’s intriguing concept made all horror buffs rush to the nearby theaters, taking the total earnings to a monumental two hundred million dollars, that too at a meager budget of just seventeen million dollars. What a win!

Paramount’s Smile movie’s highlights

The movie received tremendous appreciation from the box office, fans, and movie critics alike. It topped the charts, being the number one horror movie of the year with rotten tomatoes 79% ratings. The movie’s exceptional success goes to the unique storyline that follows a doctor who witnesses an accident involving a patient, which ends up making things haunted for her. Not only this, but the director has also given it a psychological take by making the protagonist deal with her gloomy and dingy past.

Not just the movie’s excellent grasp on an eerie setup, but also the thunderous performance by Susie Bacon unfolded the movie’s magic and made it stand apart from other movies in the same genre. Although the movie will be available on DVD, Blu-ray, and 4k Blu-ray soon enough, those who can’t wait till then can go and watch it in theaters as well!


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