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The Diary of West Bengal: After ‘The Kerala Story’, another Bollywood film has come into controversy

Kolkata Police has sent a notice to the director and makers of ‘The Diary of West Bengal’. Reportedly, an FIR was filed against the film earlier. The Kolkata Police has reportedly asked the makers to appear at the Amherst police station on 30 May for further questioning in the case.
The trailer of ‘The Diary of West Bengal’ was released on April 7.
The trailer claimed that the situation in Bengal was “worse than Kashmir”. The story shown in the trailer also claimed that incidents of ‘genocide’ and ‘mass rape’ of Hindus are taking place in Bengal and their migration is going on. The film’s trailer also claims that “organised Rohingyas and radical Bangladeshi groups are being settled in West Bengal with government support”.
Sanoj Mishra, director of ‘The Diary of West Bengal’, says that he has made his film based on facts. “I have made a film based on facts. I request the Prime Minister, Home Minister to intervene in this matter. Genocide, rape and exodus of Hindus are taking place in West Bengal. So many files and applications are being installed that no one even knows. I have done a lot of research and the film is based on facts.
Trailer of ‘The Diary of West Bengal’
The trailer of ‘The Diary of West Bengal’ also features a woman whose getup and appearance are very similar to that of West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee. The trailer of the film has been made in such a way that this character is promoting all the incidents happening against Hindus in the story. Talking about the police action, the film’s director Sanoj Mishra said, “I will be harassed through this FIR. Once I go to West Bengal, I won’t be able to come back. However, I have made all the preparations for the film and will release it soon. We are planning to release the film by August. I will stand till the end and will definitely get the film released. Is there no freedom of speech left?”
Director Sanoj Mishra further said, ‘I am not against ‘Didi’, I am against the system. The way genocide and migration is taking place, that is why I have said that West Bengal is the new Kashmir of India. I have received a kolkata police summons on the mail.”

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