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The budget of these TV shows is more than 6 crores

TV shows: Whether a film is a hit or a flop, the most mentioned thing is the budget of that film. How much cost was spent to make a film, how much money was invested. Just like films, a lot of money is spent in making TV serials. There are many TV serials that the makers invested heavily in making and so these shows have become the most expensive serials of the television industry. Let’s know today which are the most expensive serial most expensive tv shows in the TV world.

Naagin 6 (Naagin 6)

Naagin 6 has become one of the most expensive serials of the Naagin series. Due to the tremendous acting and beauty of Bigg Boss winner Tejasswi Prakash. The show is gaining a good edge in TRP. Let us tell you that the producer of this serial is Ekta Kapoor and it is being told that the budget of this serial is around 130 crores. Ekta Kapoor has made a lot of hit serials and is called the queen of the TV industry. In such a situation, she does not want to bring the cost and money in the middle to make this serial a hit.

Mahabharata (Mahabharata)

The historical serial Mahabharata, made on the Mahabharata war, is also counted among the expensive TV serials. It was built by BR Chopra in 2013 and it is said that it cost more than Rs 100 crore to build it. The serial was well-liked and it also earned a lot of money.

Bigg Boss (Bigg Boss)

Due to Salman Khan’s hosting, a lot of budget has also been used in making Bigg Boss. Its prize money is 50 lakh rupees. Apart from this, if Salman Khan’s fees are added to the contestant’s fees, then its budget is also counted in crores. It has been said many times that an episode of Bigg Boss costs about two to four crores in a budget.

The Porus serial was not a big hit. But when it comes to the most expensive serial, it is bound to be mentioned. It is said that due to its expensive set and war scenes, it took about 500 crores to make it.

Jodha Akbar

A serial based on the love story of Akbar and Jodhabai, also had war scenes and expensive sets. Several crores of rupees were also invested in making this serial. However, the serial became a hit and compensated its cost as well as benefited the producer.

24 Season 2 (24 Season 2)

Anil Kapoor’s show received a lot of praise as his first step in the TV industry. The show was a huge hit and according to estimates, about <> crores were spent on each episode.


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